Purple Belt

Kate Varro

Kate is a dedicated instructor with a passion for empowering individuals through the art of jiujitsu. Motivated by her personal journey towards enhanced mental well-being and the alleviation of chronic pain, Kate embarked on her training in December of 2017.

Since earning her first stripe on her white belt, Kate has actively engaged in the local competition circuit, constantly striving to improve her skills and test her abilities. Her participation in these events has not only honed her technique but has also fostered a deep understanding of the intricacies of jiujitsu.

For the past three years, Kate has proudly served as an instructor, specializing in women's jiujitsu. Her wealth of experience and commitment to empowering her students have made her an invaluable asset to the fitness community. With a strong emphasis on proper technique and a supportive teaching style, Kate creates a safe and inclusive environment for individuals of all skill levels to thrive and reach their fitness goals.

By blending her personal journey, extensive training, and instructing expertise, Kate is dedicated to inspiring others to discover the transformative benefits of jiujitsu, both physically and mentally.

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